My healing process, Knight Rider, and articles

So I am still friends with the mistress’s husband. No, not in a sick way. We found out most everything together so.. there you have it.

I did take a break from communicating with him though because I needed to assess what part he is playing in my healing. And quite honestly he has helped a bunch. I thank God for him and pray for his marriage 🙂 Will he always be a part of the process maybe, maybe not. Just like my marriage only time will tell

Okay so I’m trying to pinpoint what is helping me heal, what isn’t, and what I don’t give a flying fuck about. Yeah I said it. You know when I look at my car the one they had most of their encounters in? Yes it could be a trigger, but I honestly don’t care. I love that car it’s reliable, paid for, and I have a lot of memories in that car that his and her affair can not take from me. That car has been good to me, it would have been really good if while they were getting it on the car chose to crash into something. You know if the car went all Knight Rider Kit style or Kirby on their behinds? 🙂 Then it would have been named car amazing.

Anyways I get this article which is hands down pretty awesome about how unfaithful spouses always AFFAIR DOWN more on the emotional part but it’s good. It’s on the Surviving forum Honey, they always affair down. I am not a big fan of forums but if you find anything good on them please share. I hate forums, I just find them complicated.

Another good read is  How I Love a Cheater

Handling a sickly baby again today here’s to my little pudgy sweetheart I hope you get better soon…:(


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