Sally– Fin

Yup I tried. I emailed her, called her and well let’s just say I got a cold, calloused, person on the other end of the line.

I didn’t want to put Sally and the words death, kill, or dead in the same post. But Bob suggested it too and so did everyone else.

I suppose it was hard to lay her to rest because we had so many good times over the past 7 years she was a great friend and not a family wrecking, selfish, deceptive, disgrace of a woman I have ever met in my life. Yet still Sally was like a second Mom to my kids and I felt if I could try and reconcile with Mark, then why couldn’t I at least manage a few conversations with Sally?

Well because Sally is a crying mess and it was selfish of me to even fathom how a woman can fall so far off the Girl Code, Human Code, Marriage Code, spectrum without batting an eye and think she would never get caught could have a cordial conversation with me? The woman who has been with her the past 9 years, who has watched her beautiful children, made meals and gifts for. The woman who she calls when someone dies, or she is having a hard time with a child, or idea. Yeah I guess it was too much to ask.

Sally simply said

I will not be contacting you.

her main reason she wanted me and her husband to stop talking. Why? Because I was hindering Bob’s healing! As if anything I could do could possibly be worse than what she has done to Bob. Yeah cry me a river Sally and please Fuck Off  kindly. Bob and I exposed their lies. Bob was a huge part of the initial healing process and would send awesome text links to websites on Surviving Infidelity. Bob is trustworthy and has been in my life for 9 years and hasn’t done anything wrong to me. So of course she wants to rip that from me as well. Well I gave it to her. Bob and I are not speaking unless Sally and Mark decide they want to be together again then it’s game on.  Bob and I are on high alert with these pathetic bitches we are married to.

So a long story short Sally is non-existent to me except for being the worst best friend I have ever had.

I mean that and I hope the next woman she tries to befriend she doesn’t prey on that poor soul’s husband either. So here’s to your backstabbing Sally. I hope the world bites you in the ass hard. I hope one day you know what it feels like to be me. I hope your grief eats at you daily and weighs heavy on your heart. I also hope that you come back from the pit you set yourself in for your kids and for Bob. I hope you change into a kind, caring, honest person you once were. I haven’t been praying for you but I need to start again.

Yeah I know those are all contradicting hopes, but depending on the day I mean every one of them right now.

Here’s to you Bob to fighting the good fight to save your marriage and your wife. To raising those gorgeous kids of yours while you are fulfilling your marriage vows “In sickness and in health” and “for better or worse” even though Sally didn’t hold up her end of the bargain. I wish there were best friend vows then I would have something to use here as well, but I don’t. I will never forget you Bob and wish you all the happiness in the world for you and your babies ❤

And as for you Sally? I hope every year my memory of you fades and anything that reminds me of you dies quickly. I regret ever meeting you.


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