How can I still be here?

For all my Reconcilers out there Here’s a Big Fat High Five ❤

it's not the end

This post is a big fat high five to the folks trying to piece a relationship back together after being cheated on.

If you choose as the injured party to work on your relationship rather than throw your spouse out on her can, then you deserve some credit.  The credit is warranted not because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s a really really hard thing to do.  Unfortunately, a common sentiment that compounds and confuses the effort is the sense that by giving your spouse another chance, you are letting yourself down–that it is either you or him.  This is a super false dichotomy.  Before you learned of the infidelity, it was the two of you, not one or the other.  It’s still the two of you, until you choose that it isn’t.  So don’t undermine your effort by thinking that choosing to work on your relationship…

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