Pinterest and punching the bitch skank called “S” in the face

Yes, I understand my level of anger has heightened as the day has gone on. Turns out he did know her middle name. Should be skank but it isn’t. Turns out they just talked about their day, she was cleaning her house (which is a fucking joke ask Bob), and he was telling her what he was doing working. Once again bitch please.. these motherfuckers.. Just going about their daily lives like the sons of bitches they reallyare. Oh I’m cleaning house while my husband is at work, oh yeah I’m at work fixing whatever the fuck ever blah blah while my wife is training and handling my kids. Who the fuck cares I can’t wait to see you again lying whore you are!

But like Mark said.. Are these questions I really need to know? Is this helping us heal? Yes it is Motherfucker thank you very much! 

Okay, I didn’t say that to him what I said was “No, I really hate you now”

Yes I know my blog is titled How Not to Hate my Husband and lately it’s been a fucking fantastic failure lately. I could blame myself, but I’m not going there today.

Anyways the skank is still on Pinterest she was following me until I mentioned it to her now she isn’t. I love Pinterest and hell if I’m going to stop using it because she’s a gross whore and Pinterest does remind me of her. I look her up everytime I log on and look at her face and today I want to punch it. Somedays I don’t. I don’t know if that’s healthy or not. I keep testing myself. I hope the dumb broad gets off of there.

**disclaimer you can have secret boards on Pinterest**

With that I will close with how I am growing out of being a betrayed spouse and just being fantastic me. Because I refuse to be labeled just as a betrayed spouse, or Mark’s wife.. because I am not proud of being either of those titles. In fact to show my maturity I changed my name on Facebook to my maiden name. 🙂 I know real mature..

I also followed her board on Pinterest titled husband and asked if she was talking about my husband too..

Skank.. I suppose my blog isn’t titeled how not to hate my ex-bitch-best-friend who acts like a whore..

Yep.. Happy 4th to me..




14 thoughts on “Pinterest and punching the bitch skank called “S” in the face

  1. Sorry again but I’m not sure if I have your newest number. So if you have already read this sorry to send it to you again.

    Sorry to ask you this but could you please not make this affair public for me. I completely understand what you are feeling. I’ll make you a deal if you will not post public stuff about the sick shit she was doing I will quit contemplating making so the other party in this has to breath through a tube and pee into a bag hanging off his belt. I know we both are hurt but posting public stuff hurts me too. I am not asking you this for any loyalty or sympathy for her. It’s purely for me.

  2. Hugs to you today! I know it doesn’t help much on days like today but it doesn’t hurt like this forever. (And if that doesn’t help, picture yourself just kicking him as hard as you can where it counts every time they get to you… He can’t do anything in that condition, so you just mentally shut them down)

    • Thanks for the encouragement that it won’t hurt like this forever. My comments to him today are “You should have talked to me! Don’t you think I would have wanted someone to talk too!” and my favorite Fuck you Asshole husband quote I have have said today is.. “You didn’t give a fuck about your marriage vows, but now you do? Fuck that they are already broken and aren’t even there to break anymore.” Like the ninja turtles say.. Boo-yah-kuh-sha!!

      • I wish I could get this mad. Sounds weird, but I really do. I used to be quick to get mad. And I had a quick wit, too, and would come up with some hateful one-liners to sling at him. Now I have the same questions you ask … Why didn’t/don’t you talk to me? Why did our marriage mean everything to me and nothing to you? Why does it matter whether we stay together now, (for me I just wish we’d call it quits some… most… days)? But I don’t even get mad enough to throw those questions at him. Instead I just smile, and fakely carry on the stupidest conversations about nothing at all wondering in my head how long I can do it.

  3. Bob, a betrayed spouse needs to work through this shit whatever way they can. There’s no point threatening to beat up her husband within an inch of his life – it just makes you sound like a sick fuck. And it gives her motive to take your threat to the authorities. Nobody on here knows who you are – we are all anonymous. Dear Betrayed Spouse, stay strong, vent loudly and angrily (better out than in), and fuck whatever other parties have to whine about. They can go and start their own fricking blogs if they wish. Sending you love from one betrayed spouse to another. And fuck the lot of them! xo

    • Shatteredwife ,

      I am a betrayed spouse also as a matter of fact I’m the other half of this betrayal S’s husband. I wasn’t talking about this blog. I was talking about another form of media that my children have access to especially my oldest we’ll call her Troublina. I
      do nothing but applaud and support Nothate in her endeavors to make this pain we were forced into better and she knows that. What’s the difference in her want to beat up S and me wanting to beat up M?

      • Your’s sounded a bit more severe and sick Bob. I’ve always played it to you straight. I’m not going to sugar coat anything now.
        Me: I want to punch the skank S in the the face
        Bob: I contemplate making him breath out of a tube and pee out of a bag

        Both physical yes. Same reading severity no dice 🙂

    • Thanks Shattered for commenting I sure do appreciate the support ❤ I did act like the bitches I'm mad at blasting her Pinterest page. I did so out of malice and nothing good comes from that Bob was referring to that and looking out for the multiple consequences I could have cared less about at the time. Because I was too self-absorbed in my own pain. I forgot about the older blessings S raises, even mine gets on Pinterest from time to time.
      Anyways thanks for standing ground from one betrayed spouse to another. You are one solid kick ass woman and Unlike my husband will back me in a dark alley. I appreciate that, I would do the same for you.. ❤ ❤ Much blog love shattered 🙂

      • Nothate

        You are correct I’m a little more descriptive but that’s all it is. Out of line and not my normal (although lately normal is a little skewed) way as you should know from our many conversations. You are still and always will be an awsome person. I do nothing but wish and hope for the best outcome possible for you and the kiddos what ever that way ends up being.

  4. I shut my pinterest down and now have one under an assumed name after the whore decided this would be a way to post gory details of the affair, and lure my teenage daughter to it. It had a devastating impact on her and her relationship with her father. Our older two knew about the affair already, in fact my daughter suspected them before I did. Kids KNOW. Sad, but true. The time and emotional energy that gets put into an affair has to come from somewhere, and that place is resources normally reserved for their kids.

  5. Whether you’re in a kick ass mode, a sad mode, or a whatever mode, you are an awesome person, don’t ever forget it! As for you talking about punching the other woman or Bob talking about punching your husband, I can see both sides, he is hurting & so are you, we all fantasize about what we’d like to do to the people who betrayed us. Let’s face it, nothing we think about doing to them is half as hurtful as what they actually did to us! So if a little pretend violence is imagined, what’s the harm, whatever gets us through another day! To better days ahead, hugs from Joan

  6. It’s your soapbox so use it and don’t let ANYONE tell you what you can or cannot say or do. My stupid husband wants me to keep quiet as he’s afraid the scandal might mar his reputation. Ha bloody ha! What about MY life? You go, girl, let it all out, work it out of your system anyway you know works for you. Respect!

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