Creativity Inc.

I once started a webpage for my city. It didn’t go the way I planned so I scrapped the whole idea. I didn’t really look at how far I came and that I at least tried to pursue innovation.

I love to create. I enjoy reading about innovation, new technology, new ideas and as this whole stupid M situation has fallen on me. My life plan has altered in a great way. No longer am I wanting to make money for M to buy him a guitar studio or renew our wedding vows.

I really could give a fuck less about that stupidity anymore. I am wanting to expand my mind. I am so easily defeated and lack the tools to be creative and foster creativity. This book is pretty amazing and has me looking at all aspects of my life.

The book I’m reading is written by the president of Pixar animation and Disney animation Ed Catmull. Yeah this dude is raking in the cha-ching for sure. He was a founder in the technology of computer animation and his ideas on fostering creativity and learning about how long it can take for ideas to become good is quite amazing.

I also love his take on leadership, management, and being open with ideas and learning experiences

This book has made me look at M differently as well. Especially since I love the team analogy and no, M is still not on my team. We are on the same field so I believe our marriage is making some progress.

Anyways I thought of all my infidelity support team here in the blogosphere and elsewhere when this book hooked me. I should finish it today and get the bulletpoints down. I’m sure I’ll buy it.. but here’s the quote.

Give a good idea to a mediocre team and they will screw it up. But give a mediocre idea to a great team, and they will wither fix it or come up with something better. ————-Ed Catmull

I am also reading “Think Like a Freak” as well. I kind of am a book carnivore when I want to be. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Creativity Inc.

  1. Oooh, I love this stuff. How is the book?
    I usually have that moment of “this sucks, it looks stupid”. Sometimes I’m right; other times if I keep gnawing away at it, suddenly things start clicking. Doesn’t always turn out the way I originally intended, but sometimes it does…and sometimes it’s better. The creative process can be fascinating, don’t you think?

    • I love the book! Almost 1/2 way done. I enjoy his take on how he got started in management and his working with Steve Jobs. He looked at the way he handles conflict management and takes a humane approach in handling a company and it’s creative process.

      Not all companies can be creatively run as Pixar but he made it point to make every voice heard and to embrace mistakes/failures as a part of the creative process that makes creativity worthwhile the trial and error the learning process.

      I will have to write down my bullets on the book NightShade it truly is worth a read if you are interested in looking at fostering creativity and forwarding creativity 🙂

      Yesterday I thought it was a great point about how the schedule can run a company rather than accessing why the schedule there in the first place and is it following along with what their company is trying to do?
      I can identify this with family, surviving M’s dumb choices, and everything in between.
      This infidelity world has got me to re-evaluate so much in my life and creativity and why I do the things I do. 🙂

      I am curious if Think Like A Freak will be helpful too.

  2. I’m a total book carnivore when I CAN be! 🙂 Slowly slowly slowly there are days when the hubs and I are getting on the same team. Somedays not b/c I can’t trust any more. But I like your analogy of being on the same field. It’s a place to start.

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