I stayed up too late and IT’S PARTY TIME!!

I made M breakfast this morning even though I was mad at him.

I really need to stop looking at her picture on Pinterest. I really want to start another account on Pinterest and mess with her boards again. Then she can block that one, and then I’d do it again with another email address.

I suppose I need to find other productive ways to use my brain.

As much as I would love to come up with inventive ways to let S know how much she sucks I have an amazing life to lead knowing I’m not a reformed ho-bag.

We are celebrating 2nd daughter’s fourth birthday and I could not be more proud to have her in my life and God giving her to us. She is a blessing beyond measure and she does have a personality that makes me want to gouge my eyeballs out when she starts crying and whining about how she cannot do anything (find shoes, get dressed, move, breath, etc)

Even with that small defect, I am smitten with that kid

Someone put Psalm 23 on my heart today. It’s the Lord is my Shepard Psalm. I cried, not because I fully believe He is leading me to green pastures, but while I know the words I don’t feel it in my heart.. That is the sad part.

Through this I am learning a feeling does not always have to follow obedience, but enough of the grumpiness and sadness it’s time to clean this kitchen from the Birthday breakfast of pancakes and candles. Get your groove on! Squish is jamming out to Kool & the Gang too!

Here’s to celebrating today. We are going to live it up!

Let:s Celebrate It”s Alright ❤ ❤


5 thoughts on “I stayed up too late and IT’S PARTY TIME!!

  1. Celebration time come on! Happy 4th Birthday to your little one! Enjoy them now, they will soon be in that impossible hate everything world, aka being a teenager!!! So let them be little, enjoy your day! XO Joan 🎂

    • Thanks Joan I will I’m kind of in a pissy mood but not enough to want to put candles in donuts and enjoy our girl with the rest of our clan.
      Thank you for always helping me remember these days I will not get back with our darlings..

      You are simply awesome Joan!! ❤

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