Seems to always haunt me

I wonder if I choose correction I know I choose sometimes.

But sometimes I just get hit.

It’s like it didn’t happen.

I know I swear I don’t feel in denial at the moment. Things just seem the same.

We M and I feel the same

and then I question did it really happen?

Oh fuck yeah it happened..

The rage is starting to lower, but I get mad it’s like I either remember or I don’t.

I don’t feel an intense love for him, yet almost indifferent.

I wonder about us, I’m sure we can make it just like anyone who would choose a certain path and stick to it.

But will we grow together, will I be nurtured here?

Here’s to tomorrow..

2 thoughts on “Seems to always haunt me

  1. I’m so right here too. I forget sometimes and it feels how it used to. Then bam! Oh yeah, he did _____ (fill in the blank). I’m not indifferent but the love is soooo different.

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