Everyone has a good poop story right??

Okay let me just put this out there.

There was a time I did hilarious stuff and would include the husband. We would laugh together and unfortunately that isn’t happening. I just didn’t want to share

Not because it had to do with pooping..

Good grief we have four kiddos and Squish well she’s eating solids now.. so it’s a good thing no one has invented smelling scents through the internet LOL!

I didn’t want to include him. He isn’t part of my circle he just isn’t. And while I type this I’m pretty sure holding back on my life with him has led to our disconnect right now but we are talking about yesterday..

So N-E-ways..

At home I have a won’t clog toilet. Have you heard of those? Yup you can stick like 20 tennis balls in it and it still flushes marvelously 🙂

Well here in Oklahoma I have a new toilet. M and I have been getting along and so let’s say the infidelity diet has been thrown to the wind..

So who clogged the toilet? Yup me.

Ever done that with no plunger to be found and just hope it would go away? (I wonder if that’s how M thought about being a whore)

Did I tell M? Nope.. Did he ask who clogged it?  Nope. (back in the day we might have laughed and blamed each other)

I had to go buy a plunger (don’t have one in the apartment) but hadn’t went to Wal-Mart yet we have 1 car out here, but I had to go #2 again.

Good grief I really need to lay off the food. So I had to go again but I didn’t want to happenstance clog the other toilet.

So I had to wait until M got off from work.

Oh man I was sweating bullets.. seriously you know the Duck Dynasty episode where Willie and SI were holding on to a wood chipper to win it but Willie finally had to let go because he had to go? Yeah that’s me with 4 kids running around me, without the beard, not in the wilderness, and without wood chipper.

So when M got home. I was like I need to go get a plunger. He’s like now? and I’m like yes, grabbed the keys left the kids and left.

Yeah dam body reacting to eating again..

Anyways enough of blaming my body and thanking God for WalMart where I could go poo and not worry about clogging anything in those toilets. I’m pretty sure I could flush a couple of whores down those pipes and the WalMart toilets would laugh and say “FEED ME MORE!”..

I also could get a plunger there.

I know I”m gross.. but it’s what happened..

All is still not well.. but it was a funny story. I laughed silently yesterday and I still think I’m hilarious even if no one else does. I seem to be keeping the goofy things or happens to me from M. I don’t think he deserves them.

I know I’m still punishing him..

I know I haven’t forgiven him..

and right now I SUPER DO NOT LIKE (at first used hate but changed that) him..

But I still smile about my poo fiasco.. I hope you had at least a chuckle 🙂


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