I could not let this slide..


If this isn’t a crock of bologna..

Seriously yeah I’ve heard. I liked the attention

But this woman seriously that’s where you are going with those infidels??

That they don’t like the person they’ve become?

Hell I don’t like the person my husband became

And how is expansion and growth coming from being a lying, manipulative, douchebag..

Good grief Yahoo seriously??

Isn’t Will and Jada, Brad and Angelina, The Prince and Dutchess doing something that is way better than this lame article??

Ahh.. I just feel bad for someone who is believing this crap..

Any thoughts?



8 thoughts on “I could not let this slide..

  1. If “they want to leave the person they’ve become” so much they can damn well do it right and let us know it’s time to pack our shit up first.

  2. I guess, with my distance from the actual cheating, I can see what she is saying, and I take it this way: the cheater is unhappy with themself. He or she is unhappy with the way they are living their life, and are not grown up enough to talk to their partner, and get some therapy if needed to accept that this is commitment, this is love. There are flat parts to long term love, you don’t get hearts, flowers and dinners out every day. Even if we did, how much fun would that be, it would just be like taking a shower, part of the everyday, not special at all. Affairs are all about the fantasy, just as we were when we first started dating, it is so exciting! There’s anticipation! There’s fun. There’s no real agenda running in the background (oh, shit, I have to be up early tomorrow to take Molly to the sports’ camp, I really am not feeling incredibly horny RIGHT NOW, but hell, I really want to make time to make love sometime hopefully tomorrow, not just a quickie to stay connected, REALLY long, slow, hot love, or even just a take me now hot, sweaty session. Maybe we’ll just have a nice, connected, quick fuck to stay in touch tonight?) But an affair holds that excitement because the real world doesn’t intrude, or not very much. I’m sure you have seen it described as such. The escapism is a selfish person’s way of getting themselves out of the mundane – however temporarily – they never even think to ask their partner if they are happy, if they need some escapism, if they are sick of wiping bums, kitchen benches, doing laundry, paying bills, fixing the lawn mower, being the kids’ taxi driver, worrying when their partner will get a new job…….. They just jump. Without a second thought so often, and that is the difference between the cheater and the betrayed usually – the betrayed thinks about escape from the bad bits, the mundane, the dirty, the “flat” parts of life, but we tend to do the maths and realise that you can’t undo it if you fuck someone else. Ever. So we don’t fuck someone else. What this lady is saying to me is a cold discussion of how so many people feel entitled to “make themselves happy” – even at the cost of all of the intense agony and self esteem plummeting of the person who loves them totally and deeply.

    • Yes indeed horsecumin you have a very good understanding about the dynamics of this. I was unhappy for a loong time, tried to leave him couldn’t, stayed, functioned but wasn’t really happy but I never, ever would cheat, as low as my self-esteem can be at times I respect myself more than that. When he cheated, stated how unhappy he was, not getting what he needs (admiration and adoration). Okay but what he seems to forget or not realize was how we ended up that way in the first place… his emotional abuse of me and our children!! Yeah unhappy my ASS! Oh what a mess i’ve got on my hands.

  3. Horses, you hit it square on, my husband said he was to the point he just wanted to make himself happy, no one else! And his affair started with him enjoying all the attention she was giving him, I’ve heard it said “give a man the slightest bit of attention & he is already half way in love with the woman giving it!” I believe that, after all the years we had been married, I thought we were settled into the long lasting committed kind of love, but alas, turns out I was the only adult in our marriage! He actually told me he felt like he was 16 again & it was all due to the way she talked to him, my husband is an older man & he was writing her initials on his golf balls, his & her names on his golf glove, because she ask him to send it to her, they both acted like they were in high school, two narcissistic people who never grew up! Well now I’m the one with his balls & I don’t mean the golf kind!!!! When you play, you gotta pay & pay he will, that may sound cold, but that’s the kind of person, him & his whore turned me into! I don’t apologize anymore for anything I do, I’m fighting for my life & all is fair game! I didn’t start this, but I will be the one who finishes it, in my own good time! His “BALLS” are in my court now & I’m gonna play hard ball!!! He’s found out the sweet, meek little do everything for him wife he had, is gone & she won’t be back! Hell hath no fury & all that shit! Can you tell I had a rough day? Could it be because our wedding “antiversary” is Thursday, why yes I believe that is playing a small part in my level of snarkiness!!! 😁

  4. Love the discussion ladies. Horses that is simply true I like how you put cold discussion. My main beef with the article was the growth, expansion bullet for the cheater and hurt, betrayal on the faithful spouse.

    Seriously some cheater out there is like Yes! I am growing and expanding and am only hurting and betraying so totally fine.
    Also it puts the betrayed spouse in a bad light I don’t feel only hurt and betrayed, but I’m not a victim and I can grow and expand as well just in honest ways that keep my character intact.

    I’m sorry Joan.. yup annideatharies.. suck so bad.. 😦

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