Ok I’m the bad guy now

So I figure out a way to text S without using my phone. I gmail the bitch and it worked. I know she saw them, because I tested it with M too.

I hope she saw everyone of those messages. She’s an avid blocker, I was blocked from her Pinterest. Yes, I’m super mature.. trust me no need to call me on my assholeness. I know when I’m being one and purposefully.

Okay so I don’t think I’m done with S. But M is just plugging away messaging me and I let him know that I fantasize about leaving him in 18-20 years. When Squish kind of has a hold on life.

He says he can handle that decision. I tell him he didn’t even make it 11 years in our marriage so he can’t handle 18-20 more.

He asks if that’s a dare and if I’m willing to bet money on it..

Here is where it gets messy and apparently I’m the bad guy..

I write him and say he left me when I was ill, have two little ones 2 years apart a 3 and 1 year old, and started homeschooling our boy.

I tell him I’m smarter than to bet against myself because I’m sure he can stay but be an honest human-being? Well that may be asking too much. Oh and that I need to get some insurance when or if I get terminally ill someone will take care of me, because I’m not counting on him.

I mean seriously we are going to have WAY more problems coming up in our lives and this so called husband bailed out on me to treat someone like a whore and become a whore himself. Yeah I’m going to bet he’s staying around when my Dad dies, or I’m about to die, not likely.

Well.. he just said Wow and asked if I wanted to go back home. I haven’t heard from him since.

Being married to him is such a disappointment.. a big 13 year failure.. I swear..


2 thoughts on “Ok I’m the bad guy now

  1. 😦 There are so many bigger problems that we would encounter in life and it’s like they’re possessed in that moment, that stupid moment(s) the choice to cheat is made. Just remember this – you will never understand it. It will never make sense to you the logic behind that choice. I beat myself up emotionally just asking the question, “Why?!” and it doesn’t make sense. It truly doesn’t – I had to stop trying to find the answer, b/c I never would.

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