Stupid Sayings about My Marriage Infidelity: Part 1

I find these conversations funny now, not because they are outright hilarious, but I’ve been known to say stupid things, but I try to refrain from doing so when someone is crushed beyond belief. These people I encountered don’t have that sort of filter.

From Relative: I can’t believe you didn’t see anything coming? I mean she was your best friend

Me: No my husband and best friend were screwing around behind my back and lying to me the whole time. I am frustrated you would say such a thing and you are no longer a safe person for me to talk to about this.


From Poser-Friend (someone who thinks they are your friend, but in my mind we have never been friends who found out from someone else about my lying husband): If my husband did that to me I would probably cut-off his balls

Me: Well you never truly know what your capable of until it happens to you.


From Relative: You are stronger than this. Take him for all that he has. Stop crying

Me: Okay (hangs up phone wondering I even called them in the first place)


What turned funny, isn’t so funny anymore..

I think I will stop..






2 thoughts on “Stupid Sayings about My Marriage Infidelity: Part 1

  1. I was lucky, I only had really 4 people say stupid stuff. And they’re not nice people but they pretended to be. So really I’m glad they did. I like knowing who people really are. How fast can you say “out of my life?”

  2. That’s one of the reasons I didn’t tell or let him tell anyone. I also didn’t wanna hear anyone bashing him. I can call him a no good slime ball asshole, but I’ll be damned if anyone else does.

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