Day 5

Well I took the same route with him from OKC to Wichita the same route he took to fuck the worst woman I have ever met in my life S. Now I am back in Kansas Ciy, 6 months later in a whole different marriage, no best friend, and well just sad.

I only wanted to jump out of the vehicle into a semi twice. I suppose that is progress.

Laughing with him helps, Squish always makes us laugh, so do the others but there is something about Squish that makes my husband’s mistake seem bearable.

I think I’m worn out and maybe those are not my exact words, but if I had found out Squish wouldn’t be here I guarantee. I stayed so much because of Squish after I found out. Squish is a nursing baby through and through, just uprooting our life with a nursing baby? I didn’t want to have my other children suffer as we drove to my family on the West Coast. Anyone I didn’t care. Squish also hated driving at night at the time.

Squish has kept me home, kept me grounded, and I don’t think she’d be here if my husband hadn’t started to fuck around on me. After the whole drunken lie there was months we didn’t have sex. And then we made up and were fucking like jack rabbits with the Mirena and somehow that bitch fell out and I’m calling S thinking I’m pregnant and she’s wanting me to get a pregnancy test. This was when they were in love back in 2012.

I hate them sometimes.. I hate him right now.. I would love to hate Kansas City, but it isn’t the city’s fault my husband and S are backstabbing assholes.

Back in March my husband took 2 business trips one to North Carolina for a week (where S sent him her underwear and pictures fucking skank)

M and I were not getting along and I could not put my finger on it and I was glad he was gone and when he got back he would be back for a week and then head to Kansas City.

I didn’t want to go. He wanted me to go, all of us to go. I even told S about how I was conflicted about going. She seemed sad at the time and distant but I figured she was going through her own problems. Oh probably why does M want me to go to KC when she can talk with him and sex Facetime him when he’s gone.

It bothers me why he wanted me here 6 months ago. I think it was to get away from her, the guilt he had, but is wasn’t because he loved me or chose me. But he says he did.

He seems to mean it when we talk about any kind of future, it’s hard though he promised to be faithful to me and love only me before. What’s different now is he slept with Satan and his sin for 2 years and found out it wasn’t worth it. But I question why the fuck does he get that choice. Why the fuck does he think this marriage is going to work when he stepped out and now since he’s made up his mind. Oh well then hell I’m on board with his ass right?

Dead wrong motherfucker (In the best Chang voice from the Hangover I can do)

Day 5 sucks ass.. I told him today how there are no more good days.. there’s not bad and worse days..

Oh and for triggers I married a special kind of crazy (not that you are surprised about that) because he says he has only one. Me..

Wow.. FML you guys seriously..



One thought on “Day 5

  1. I am also confused by their way of thinking now, obviously they didn’t think their marriage was working out to their liking, no problem, I’ll just go fuck a whore, ruin everyone’s life & now skip forward to D-day & they now think their marriage can work, only a stupid fucking idiot would think that way, oh wait we have one waiting on the side lines, he’s called a man!!! Use your brain you mother fucker, your dick keeps getting you to do the wrong things, but it’s way too late for that!

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