Morning Day 6

My back hurts.

I don’t feel any closer to him than day 1.

This morning I chose what would be the opposite of joy? grief yeah grief. I thought about the affair.

I think I have my reasons, but I’m not sure they make sense.

Working with M is difficult. We process things so differently.

It’s weird I am his only trigger..

If I were to do to someone what he has done to me I would fucking disappear from that person’s life

I don’t know whether to praise M for his balls in trying to stay with his family and make this marriage work

or, kick him in the balls..

Always more to come..


One thought on “Morning Day 6

  1. Kick him in the balls, because if I physically had any, I feel like that’s what my husband did when he chose a whore to have an affair! Might make you feel better, just a thought! XO Joan

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