I used to

I used to get him coffee in the hotel and go downstairs because coffee in these crap coffee makers was horrible.

He went to get his own coffee.

I’m not sure I am happy about this or sad.

I kind of feel like why am I wasting my thoughts on that aspect of my life.

I am starting to see what everyone means by the word new.


One thought on “I used to

  1. I know what you mean when you say this. There were so many things that made me feel the same way. As women it makes us happy to make someone else happy, and the more we deeply love the person we’re making happy the more it makes us happy. When they destroy that and it no longer makes us happy to do nice little things for them it makes us even sadder than we already were. I hated that more than anything. It gets easier over time, like all the rest of this. Not sure if it goes away or we just get used to the new feelings, but either way, the sting isn’t as bad after a while. Chin up! Take care of you right now, and let the world take care of itself. :o)

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