It never fails Jessie is mentioned again this time with tears. I am starting to ask them if anything is bothering them at night to just ease any tension.

And who comes up Jessie. The boy’s best bud Bob’s son is rarely mentioned anymore. Our boy doesn’t want to talk about it. He knows something bad happened, I’m sure if he really wanted to he could put the pieces together. But for now. He’s let Bob’s son go.

The girls are not that easy for S watched them numerous times. And when the girls wanted to sleep over at someone else’s house they could always go to S’s.

So naturally they cry and wonder what the fuck happened.

I’m not beaten down by this anymore. Honestly I could care less. I used to get furious the last post about this I got physical with M. I choose not to do that anymore.

What I did do? Is tell the girls we could pray for new friends for S and Jessie. (A great piece of advice that came from Cat) That S did not care about our family and pretended to love our family, but she didn’t. We can not be friends with anyone that wants to destroy our family. Also same rules that apply to me apply to my girls.

I taught them S and Jessie are a small pain in their lives right now. It’s sad we cannot be friends with them anymore and that S lied to us and I showed them the small circle of pain using my index finger and thumb. Then there is this big circle of love and mentioned Rizzo, Frenchie, Glasses, Books, all of their numerous friends and how loved they are. Using both arms in a circle above my head.

I saw smiles and I know I won this battle. No longer was that pretend friendship going to send me over the edge, or make my girls cry. Emily said we are loved by a circle as big as the sun! ❤

I am sad that Jessie or her brother are no longer in our lives. I loved those kids I did.

But tonight I won over the darkness that M and S introduced into our daughters lives.

I won with Christ’s peace and love and my girls are a huge accountability reminder that I shouldn’t want S to suffer. She’s a sad person in my book, but none the less a person. And may we always pray over their family great things.

Helping my children through their pain made me feel strong. Seeing M cry and apologize that I had to do that at all was nice.

I took care of myself today and my kids even with M being depressed and acting goofy.. Rizzo helped him tonight get his head back on straight. The kids and I visited friends and had a blast at the church picnic today.

The ending of tonight has been well. I also know it can’t get any worse M went to bed and all are sound asleep 🙂

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