The FIGHT Round #1

Maybe I shouldn’t start my day using that term but it’s what happened.

I was sleeping in late, dreaming all good things I thought

So I called M to talk with him about my epiphanies from last night on my blog.

He acted irritated saying it was TOO LONG.. I have a way of speaking forever

So I told him fine (really I was okay I needed to get out of bed anyway) and said I would just email him the dialogue.

So I copied and pasted and got ready to make steak and eggs for brunch and then M says “I was in the middle of doing something when you wanted to talk with me”

Okay for a couple not in crisis.. this may have gone down differently..

So I was like say what? What were you in the middle of doing? What are you talking about?

M: When you wanted to talk with me forever I was in the middle of doing the budget

Me: How was I supposed to know I was in bed

M: Well you called me and I wanted to see what you needed

Me: Why didn’t you just tell me. How was I supposed to know what you were doing

M: Well I wasn’t doing nothing

Me: I didn’t assume you were doing nothing. What could you have told your wife instead of bringing this up now?

Then M proceeded to give indirect answers. I felt attacked and I wasn’t putting up with it. He wasn’t going to tell me he was sorry, yell louder than me, and then want me to drop it all.

Remember SN from last night yeah she’s up in front this morning.

He isn’t getting away with this shit anymore.. indirect answers, resentment, and accusing me of shit I didn’t even say or think!

Bullshit motherfucker!

I called bullshit he up and went outside, or wherever the fuck he feels like doing..

I’m looking for Round 2 party people. I kind of expected this shit from him this morning because I was doing well last night. I wanted to ask him for forgiveness this morning. I wanted to share with him the little bit of peace I found last night..

I will not back down. It ain’t happening..

M forgets he has coward tendencies. He may have changed quickly, however bad habits die hard. He forgets that, I do not..

I really want to say fuck him this morning, but I’m not going too. I am going to refuse to be in the mud with him ever again. I can tell him my feelings and thoughts without attacking, name-calling, or withdrawing.

Round 2 should be coming soon.. it usually always does because I will not be ignored, not appreciated, or shut-out again. That is

NOT HAPPENING in regards to M ever again.


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