Does anyone else just wake up and think.. FUCK YOU HUSBAND!!

Yeah this  morning was kind of like that..

Oh crap I’m making shit up it still is like that..

He took all the kids to church, I just wanted to be alone in my house..

Yes, today it’s my house and the bitch of the husband is just existing..

I don’t care if he came back and all the kids were in the car and he said he wished I was going and he loves me..

Fuck you M! Fuck you!

I’m not sure if I’m throwing a pity party, a fit, or anything really.. I truly am not sure about how to handle the anger today.. so I am going to take a long shower uninterrupted clean my house with the music booming and make lunch for my little bunch…

Today I hate life… I hate M more..

I hate being like this, because I have to calm the storm in myself and I don’t know how.. because the storm fucks with everyone not just M when I get like this.. And boy the crazy is brewing yesterday and today..

I need an outlet for sure..


One thought on “Does anyone else just wake up and think.. FUCK YOU HUSBAND!!

  1. I don’t know that I really wake up thinking “fuck you” … instead I wake up asking “is today the day I finally decide to leave?”. Is today the day that I get honest and tell myself that I’ve sat on this fence for long enough and it’s time to just pick a side? And since I’ve tried picking the “I’m in it for the long haul” side, only it doesn’t seem to fit.. I can’t settle into it without getting back up on the fence… that only leaves the other side of the fence to try. So, yeah, I get it. I get where you are with things. But I remember a wise therapist telling me once “we don’t stay in a situation unless we are getting something out of it.” and following it up with “So what are you getting out of this?” I guess today I would have to say I’m getting a good friend out it. If nothing else, we’re good friends. That’s something.

    Hang in there! Hugs to you today!!!

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