Feelings didn’t go so well

So we did our homework last night 3 nights worth. We had Celebrate Recovery and afterwards WalMart to get a birthday gift.

Kids to bed and then feelings

How do we feel about our possessions, feelings about your spouse needing you, and another question.

I can’t remember doesn’t matter didn’t bring us any closer.

I do remember I told him I think he was a fraud our whole marriage. Hiding, not dealing with things, building resentment and this just sealed the deal of what kind of cowardice he is capable of.

He didn’t like that, he got defensive and we ended the conversation amicably.

When I loved him I cared. I cared he went to bed angry. I cared we were not connected and wanted to have sex with him. I would want to solve the issue.

Last night I didn’t care. I posted Love Dare #4 for my pals and read it myself. I wanted to blog but I was sleepy. So I took out my contacts, and went to bed across from him in our king size bed. I laid my head on my pillow in peace.

He didn’t even eat his ice cream. Today is asking him how he is doing and seeing if there is anything I can do for him. I think I will try once then another time this evening.

M like his wife is a slow learner..


2 thoughts on “Feelings didn’t go so well

  1. I will be honest… I don’t know that any time I have shared my feelings it has gone well. I am always up for someone else to share their feelings, listening, offering advice if they want it… but every time I share my feelings, someone gets hurt… either me or the person choosing to interpret my feelings.

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