Love Dare Day 4

Well I tried I honestly tried numerous times to ask him if he needed anything for me to help him with his day.

Maybe I’m just not asking correctly.

I asked to kiss him. I just felt like it. I still don’t love him, but when I kissed him tonight I closed my eyes and pretended it was the same guy I used to love. I rubbed my nose against his. I felt his face, his lips, but I knew better the pretending doesn’t last.

Reality kicks in.

We celebrated Rizzo’s 40th anniversary and I was so honored to go. To see 40 years.

It was hard seeing so many ask me how I was doing and I was doing pretty crappy..

Love Dare #5 is ask him what 3 things I do that irritate him.

I’m curious as to what he will say.

I miss my husband, I miss having a love of my life. This guy that sleeps in the same bed as me is so messed up.

I’m so tired of doing this dance with him. He still has such a cowardice trait about him.



2 thoughts on “Love Dare Day 4

  1. Look at it like this… maybe you are giving him all he needs, as in all his needs are met currently. Or, he feels guilty asking you for anything. Either way, you did the dare. You attempted doing it out of love and the effort was made.
    Still proud of you.

    I don’t think you are ready for this. I have tried it several times and it has failed for me, but here’s another experiment. Yes, I am just full of advice coming from a loveless marriage, aren’t I?! šŸ™‚

    • Just means you have taken the lessons to heart and want to help others doesn’t mean you have a loveless marriage just means a whole lot of disconnect. The love is there.
      I told a friead about you and she thought you were wise sometimes an affair just needs to be put in the past and not harm your wife.
      I really thought you were out of your mind and saw honesty as a huge step in coming forward, But an affair is devastating for a BS.. so I just wanted to tell you I’m coming around šŸ™‚
      Not that, that means a whole lot

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