So far..

I’m not doing well.

I got incredibly drunk last night.

The last time I got drunk was 2000 drinking everclear and koolaid in the barracks M held me all night back then.

I hate the way liquor tastes unless it’s in a bunch of ice cream and chocolate sauce. 🙂

Last night I just wanted to escape I’ve heard alcohol can help that.

I drank at lease a cup of Kansas whiskey straight from the bottle and Pepsi..

Gotta love Pepsi..

I still fell drunk and cannot type well enough to do a decent post.

I hope I did a decent job commenting on Neph’s and Conflicted comments even if I feel out of my mind right now.

IHAA thanks for caring.

More to come after this haze clears..

I am starving..


2 thoughts on “So far..

  1. Ouch! Get yourself some Gatorade and sleep it off.

    My wife and I have been there. Alcohol can help for a bit, but it’s a CNS depressant so once you remember what you’re trying to forget, you can get very depressed about it. We both had to swear off alcohol for about 4 months because we had a hard time drinking without going too far. Once we were drunk, we’d both be depressed. She’d get angry and try to kick me out. I’d withdraw to an even darker place. It was not good. Lot’s of yelling and even some hitting. That’s not who we are, so we made the right choice to stop until we were a little further down the road to recovery.

    Of course, we’ve also had some great make-up sex thanks to alcohol. Sometimes we needed a little bit of alcohol to quiet the fears and pains so we could just relax and enjoy each other. So I guess you could say we’ve had mixed experiences with it.

  2. Never heard of Kansas whiskey myself…

    Hey – it’s okay. We all have to numb our pain from time to time. Don’t be hard on yourself and just look at the fact that you get to do it again in 14 years! 🙂

    There have been many nights over the last __________ months where I have needed a glass or two of wine to quiet my voices and mind and allow me to sleep…. I get it.. no judging here.

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