Had lunch with Rizzo

I feel the need to talk until my mouth and brain are out of words.

Rizzo invited me over for lunch.

It was nice.

She said something that really made me feel good and bad.

If I left, I wasn’t coming back.

And she knows that and will be the first person in front of my truck. I would have to run her over first..

And none of us want that.

The woman consistently makes me laugh even on my craziest days..

I’ve been G+ Hanging out with someone from our blogosphere and it’s pretty cool.

I gather M wants that kind of attention but he’s no longer on that level. The level where I can just have a conversation with someone and genuinely care about their well-being. Or enjoy laughing with someone without second-guessing myself as to what is this mother-fucker up to next.

I still want to leave with a passion.. I don’t because the feeling is so strong.. Someone once told me if your Strong your wrong.

I felt something strongly wrong with the both of them. I never expected this.

It’s time to call the advisor, do the laundry, and make some calls.

I get it Anony making an exit plan makes it easier to leave.. but M complains nothing is ever good enough and it isn’t.

I don’t think it will ever be.

I have to go on a Bible Bowl trip this weekend.

We’ll see what my options are after that.


2 thoughts on “Had lunch with Rizzo

  1. I have not read your blog and I will I promise. So I do not know your situation. But I can recommend the book “Not Just Friends”. It helped me very much. Also, if he isn’t in therapy with you then he better or there is little or no chance to make his way back.

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