I called her and guess who answered Bob.. thank God for Bob..

One of our awesome fellow bloggers was curious about my history between the 2+ year D-day that occurred after their lie about M being drunk and touching her at Bob and her’s party.

And I went back there. and I was pissed. I thought it was safe… nope not safe at all and I called M and was could barely get good reception. M was breaking up bad. I am feeling that anguish that pain.. and I was going to throw my phone, nope not good enough I’m calling her.

I want to know what she got out of lying to me. Filling my head with lies about herself, my husband, Bob. So many lies. What did she get out of it? Why feel the need to do that to someone pretend they are your good friend and mind fuck them.

She would tell me about her and Bob’s sex life, how Bob didn’t do this or that, how she’s so sad. How my husband probably meant to touch me instead that night. How sad her life is now that my husband touched her because Bob is so skeptical to do things with other couples. How Bob always has a way to make her feel bad about things. How her back is always hurting and they barely sleep together. How sad she looked when I expressed how sorry my family has caused Bob to be suspicious of her.

Come to find out they have sex all the time! That Bob really isn’t a suspicious controlling guy. She’s just a liar and wanted sympathy.

Really I got used for her stupid little games and then she tells me she values me. I wanted to ask her why she needed to use me. Why she needed me at all, just to manipulate and use?

I loved her so much. I actually liked her alot more than M on so many more levels. Now they are in the same boat. They both disgust me with the way they use people and then say.. Oh I didn’t see it like that. I just thought fucking someone else’s spouse in secrecy was going to end happily for me.

or just go away and be over with.

Anyways Bob ended up answering the phone. I was surprised I shouldn’t have been. Just hearing his voice made seem what I was doing not as emotionally raged.

I calmed down. told him sorry and have a great day.. I think it’s kind of a blur..

Anyway calling it a night going to read the Glorkian Warrior delivers pizza to Squish..

Today I cried in anguish and pain.. I haven’t done that in awhile..


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