Experiment 8 seems to be working

I adore Taylor Swifts ‘Trouble” Song because I just identify with it, but as I was singing it in my car. FYI: I sound just like her in my car LOL!! I thought this song needs to go.

I don’t need to think of him. Yup the song is not causing any happiness in my life just painful thoughts about being unloved.

So time to make a new CD for the car.

I can see we can work together and do this. I don’t need to have sex with him. Good grief thank the Lord for my period came at the best moment, however I’m not turning him down either.. Good grief sex is amazing, I may be a woman who was cheated on, but those endorphins I crave them! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyways I love the joy that’s in my life. Rizzo and Erin I see them all multiple times in a week trusted me with their kiddos and our children had a blast. I love having kidsย over and we haven’t had any in awhile. The boy and a pal made lunch for the household of 1 adult amongst 6 kids ๐Ÿ™‚

I think it’s time to start throwing princess parties again.

I am so blessed with friends. I mean I’ve met some pretty amazing women and men just from this blog alone.

My friendship is reciprocated and I am just being me.

I’m not mean to M, but I don’t have to talk with him either.

I made dinner and it was fantastic.

I am making pizza tomorrow have to start the crusts tonight.

Tracking our budget again which makes me feel in control.

M and I might not make the happiest couple or even count as a healthy couple but we can get a job done.

Like running this household.

Keeping our kids in line.

And I just am free to be me.

I blog, I laugh, I pray, I read

I may even be a bit optimistic as to my future.

My marital future is still unknown, but I don’t care

I know I will be in my future, so will my Dad and my kids and most of all God.

God is unchanging and still loves me passionately..

and that I can be okay with ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. Has anyone smelled the snowberry candle from Yankee Candles amazing!!




4 thoughts on “Experiment 8 seems to be working

  1. It’s amazing what our hubbies gave up, wonderful spouses who made a great team. That’s the most confusing to me, hubby & I still make a great team. We make goals & accomplish them…oh except the faithful marriage part, we’re pretty good together.

    You need to smell the Bath & Body Works Peppermint! That smells up my house.

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