So last night wasn’t my best judgement night

I was working on a different website and it just triggered me.

I wonder if looking at faker’s face still pisses me off.

So I check Bob’s facebook page.. Yup it still does.

I hate seeing her blonde smug face.

And just thinking about my husband all up on that, like she is awesome awakens the Phoenix for sure..

Then I’m angry at 2am in the morning and sleep on the couch.

I really wanted to hatemail her last night.

I really want to drive up there today.

But alas why waste my time on such a loser.

I suppose I want her to know also the picture Bob has on his profile I took that. When they moved Bob into an apartment and I visited while she was still talking to my husband and I told them to kiss! or act like they love each other or something because they were living in different cities due to a job change.

She came to visit during the weekend and never called, but would take the time to fuck my husband.. Nice.

The memories about this time in my life anger me to the point of not doing a dam thing but be angry and sad.. but I’m glad 8 months into this bullshit I know this will pass if I choose it too. To continue doing laundry, take care of myself, and teach my kids.

I still cannot believe I had such dumbasses in my life, I know I’m not better off for it. I just know both of them are kicked to the curb.

Yes, I kicked my husband to the curb, this new guy seems to put me first and kind and patient. Not like my husband at all I wonder if he will get tired of being of good character and after 10 years just be like fuck this, this is who I really am.


Sooner or later what you hide will come to light. That’s why I don’t hide my dark, that’s where it wants me.

Anyways I slept on the couch and am looking for attention.. however I’m not such a depressed maniac to know I am paid attention to more than my husband, this new guy, bloggers, and anyone else online I talk with, no one can outbeat my children..

They are always watching me and wanting to do things with me..

Time to get my life started and makes my children smile.

I hope faker knows I think she’s ugly inside and out..

I hope her birthday sucks it’s Jan 4.

I was joking about her stupid day with M and I asked him if he wanted me to take her out like last year.

He said “No” in such a sad tone.

She is such a joke to me.

No friend of mine, no woman I want ever around my children, such a despicable human being.

And then has the nerve to tell me “Sorry just doesn’t have any weight”

Oh dear faker bitch you are so right.

And let’s be clear I’m not just talking about being a disgusting adulteress.

What I’m talking about is just not having any compassion for someone you called friend.

For someone who has stood beside you through thick and thin.

Fuck you Kendra.. yup that is the bitch’s name fuck you..

I hope your birthday is as pitiful as you are. I was talking to M about what presents I will drop off at your doorstep and he said why would I waste the money? I told him because I hope she knows how much I despise her and to remind her what a loser she is.

Some love M turned out to be for you huh? You both were so sick and in love at one time.. and now look the both of you say you regret every moment spent with each other.

I would like to be the betrayed that I’m so happy my husband stayed and look he’s the 2.0 version. He knows not to betray his family, lose his character, have a relationship with any other woman, and is able to keep his dick in his pants. Winner winner chicken dinner for me!

But it isn’t like that at all.

Well enough venting for now.

Time to do other things that grow my life rather than make me angry and sad..




9 thoughts on “So last night wasn’t my best judgement night

  1. Last night must’ve been a full moon going on bc I slept in our son’s room. H got on my nerves being all lovey with me. Told him off, he cried bc what I said was right. He is being remorseful, present and nice….makes me realize what an asshole I was married to all this time and didn’t realize it. He even took my iPad in to get fixed and it’s still not back yet. So he’s letting me use his.

  2. Is Bob your husband?
    It’s been 1.5 years now and I still look at this whore’s facebook page with complete and utter disgust.

  3. good for you for finally saying the dumb sluts name! I think that is a step forward for you because in a way, you have been protecting her by keeping her identity private, now, you are moving forward and showing how much you really don’t give a fuck – about her anyways. High five! 🙂

    • Love you T.. 🙂 Not sure I was protecting her more than to say her name pissed me off. The more I seem to say it or discuss the beast first hand the less it affects me when I meet a new Kendra who is probably not like the dumb slut Kendra I used to know

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