This stupidness affects me in the strangest of ways

M holds me and asks “Do you need anything?”

I tell him “No”.

As we hold each other

I’m thinking to myself.

Your affair affects me consistently in the strangest of ways.

I don’t know how to explain that to him or even want to talk about it.

I am glad I’m not alone in this awkward battle, although it’s quite sad that I am not and there are so many of us.

A pal from church’s husband died from ALS over the weekend and if I think about it too much I start to cry.

She posts on FB pictures of when they were married in the 60’s Doug love Gayle and she loved him.
As M and I talk about our history to our newly met family it’s hard after the reality hits me how our history meant nothing to M but now it’s what he sees as good and Kendra the Bitch.. the lying, backstabbing-bitch, the one who got his ego-stroked by with lies yeah that bitch she’s the mistake, she’s the regret..

Strangest of ways.. dear friends strangest of ways..


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