I wonder..

I got a call from a very old friend.

A guy who loved me dearly and there really wasn’t any spark.

He is now  married to a beautiful lovely lady and he is expecting his first child with her.

He has two kids with another woman who they adopted.

Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like marrying someone else.

Considering the odds I may end up in the same position.

A cheated because I don’t live that sort of lifestyle.

I would rather take the consequences for the truth than lie and betray someone.

A few days ago our son lied to M. It was a mess M was looking for boy’s Ipad.

Boy said he didn’t know where it was.

M saw Ipad on network

M decided to go look in boy’s room and boy proceeded to look with him..

Boy hid it underneath his blankets while helping his Dad look..

Boy is in big trouble.

And I talked to boy and asked him if he felt bad about betraying his Dad like that.

Boy said “Should I?”

And I wonder if this gorgeous boy will be okay..

I shouldn’t but I do..

Lies, Deceit, Betrayal..

Sin never just affects the person committing it..

The consequences go beyond than the human mind can see.


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