It felt good to grill tonight

Finding good beef has not been easy. May have to just spring for expensive all natural beef.

Not sure just yet.

It felt good to grill..

I feel powerful when I grill not sure why. Maybe it’s the charcoal.

Maybe it’s the memories of my Dad and all the times I have grilled for my family and how much they love it.

I have been looking up new affair blogs and I’m not sure that is a good use of my time.

One of these days I will feel settled I hope, not in Alaska but with what is going on in my life.

The kids seem all to be learning even Squish yes I know she’s not even two yet and since M quit drinking he will be coherent on her birthday this year.

But she’s counting, coloring because when her siblings are doing school she wants to do school too. Which is tasking for me, but rewarding as well. They are all learning and growing so much.

The 5 of us are for sure..

As for the 6th person.. who knows..but does it really matter.

I’m sleepy..

I’ve missed going to bed smelling like charcoal..

M hates it..

really don’t care

Till tomorrow

❤ NH


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