The lemon cake was not as good as I imagined..

Also I need to stay away from Facebook for the next month.

All the forgiveness and grace posts and wedding anniversaries..

I am happy for those people I am..

I just think let’s say if I ever want to even fall in love with anyone else I would liken it to take 5 years to even find anyone or even like them, or even well enough to marry anyone..

so I would be like 41 I could have a 25th anniversary with that said person and be 66 and if I lived and he lived I would be 91 to celebrate a 50th with said person..

hmm.. the things I think about when the cake I made was lackluster maybe I will make some ice cream..

wait can’t make ice cream my bowls aren’t ready..

maybe I will make some chocolate cake or something..

I don’t know.. maybe I will just go to bed..

4 thoughts on “The lemon cake was not as good as I imagined..

  1. I hear you – sometimes you just need to step away from everyone else’s happiness. There are plenty of people around to feel happy for them.

    Your story reminded me of a point when I was dealing with my unrepentantly unfaithful husband (but I was working on the marriage anyway because marriage is sacred), and I saw a documentary on Princess Di. They went into how awful her marriage to Prince Charles was, how he just couldn’t stay away from Camilla, and I thought to myself – “If Princess Di, as gorgeous as she was, couldn’t keep Prince Charles’s attention, what hope do the rest of us have? What hope do I have?” That really sent me into an awful emotional spiral.

    It won’t get better for you every day (some days will be better than others) but one day down the road you will look back and think, “Huh – you know what? I’m a lot better today than I have been.”

    • Girl… Deleting Facebook, my husband and I both, was the best thing we could have ever done to help heal my broken heart. I never realized how much we were both on social media, and now, with no social media, we found different ways to reconnect and focus on just us, our marriage and our little fam.

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