MC: “Reconciled versus reconciling”

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I think it’s clear that TL and I believe reconciliation is a lifelong process.  It’s never done.  In fact it’s more like a lifestyle.  For more on this, read Rick Reynolds’ “How long will it take to get over the affair.  You know — to get back to normal.”  As Rick said, I don’t want to get back to normal. That old normal, for me, was alternately pathological and superficial.  Reconciling will be part of our lives forever.  That’s OK.  We need to accept that, adjust to it, and do it well.

There are plenty of examples of things you can do to continuously work on reconciling.  These  include counseling, writing, new activities as a couple, and perhaps others we have not yet discovered.  The new normal also means that new practices such as transparency about phones, computers, after work activities, and more never end.  Those healthy practices are not…

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