Easy and willing

My husband still insists he wasn’t some slut willing to give his body to anybody..

He’s so silly and here is why I think that.

Because unless he’s lying of course that could be that he wasn’t looking for anyone.

Until the footsie thing he never even thought of her in anyway..

So here’s why then.

It could have been anybody to play footsie with or play words with friends and text sexy messages with.

It could have been anybody who made him feel like a complete love sick fool.

So that’s why I think he was a slut and possibly could still be now.. I don’t care but the reason why I blog this is because Kendra is a nobody. Because he didn’t go for her they played together. easy and willing and from being in this infidelity world there’s more unfaithful, lying people then there are true authentic people.

Easy and willing so it could have been anyone.

It just happened to be her an easily and willing nobody who preferred the attention of her husband, her friend, and her affair partner and now she maybe has her husband.

And well M I mean we are still married but he sure as hell does not have me.

On to clean my house and make a great day tomorrow with my kids

There is a great deal to be said that now I know I don’t want any type of relationship, what do I want to pursue?

I know I want to bring glory to God and love God and love people..

But I also need to make a living as well and love my 4 little blessings

Lately I’ve been wondering if M and I divorced would I be sad he is going to get married again? I know he will, some chics are that stupid like Kendra, but will I regret not staying with him if his second wife is so in love?

Will I be happy for him?

And I find myself visualizing this and being happy for him.

And I think to myself if I die alone with no partner.. I want those around me I love, who mean so much to me and Charles just doesn’t make the cut.

Here’s to another day of NH’s discovery story

❤ you all see you tomorrow

and AWL and Bugs praying for you and your marriages tonight. I’m sorry for the pain and sadness. You are enough, beautiful and strong



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