So my Brother-In-Law Clif told me to write.. hmmm okay..

He said you can’t do this anymore..

This is crazy what you are doing..

You are keeping busy and not accomplishing a dam thing.

You also need to let this go..

And I was like say what? I’m not accepting I was married to a coward a lying little bitch no I will not..

He said no one is expecting you too..

But you do have to let go of this..

I said I get angry with myself because I don’t know how.

I do love M not in that way but I love him.

Clif said but you don’t like him..

Yeah he got me there.

I don’t like Charles.

I suppose I never really have said that recently..

I try to focus on the love, or dislike, or how this marriage isn’t ever going to work..

He recommended writing a letter to Charles and I said I blog.. he said No not like that write and then write it again until you are exhausted..

Write why you don’t like him also write for yourself why are you here, what are you going to do with yourself.

Be Specific


I will work on it today. I look forward to this challenge.

Also Reconcile4 lif is doing this 20min workout a day thing so I’m going to attempt to do that..

M has not emailed, texted, or called me for a day and it’s strange.

He’s doing it again today it’s strange..

I think I mind and then I say why do I mind I don’t want to be in a relationship

I’m weird..

But that should be no surprise to you by now.. 🙂



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