All the goals..

So M and I are on Wunderlist and it’s pretty cool we an see each others goals

I need to get back on Sparkpeople I will probably do that tomorrow.

Read my Bible this morning and did Bible Study

It’s crazy I have so many things going on in my brain and it makes me feel quite alive..

I also have done this without an overabundance of sugar, or fueled by hate.

We had great sex last night. We always have great sex.. it’s never been mediocre to me..

He is always staring at me during and after his birthday with like those eyes.

You know the kind that someone who really wants to date you or someone who is enamored by you..

It’s strange. He’s all on cloud nine and seems recharged to face his life with me…

Tons of things to do have to say I’ve started following weigh-loss blogs, business start-up blogs.

It’s been a nice change of pace looking at different blogs and learning from them as well.

As M is all googley I find myself wondering do I ever want to feel that way again with him, do I even have a choice. Sometimes I let my guard down and it feels good, I feel a burst of love the kind I used to remember feeling for him, and then I stop to question.. this guy gets off on this kind of love and plays with people. He uses people for his own sick twisted lack of a personality. To find something he can never find from anyone else. Whatever.

Then there’s the whole saying that people can learn and change, grow

It’s all very strange everyone and I’m so thankful many of you will understand what I am talking about..

Oh last night we went beachcombing and had a good time.

Finding beach glass, shells and fun rocks.

Here’s to the day everyone it’s a busy one



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