I wake up tired..

I start off eating a bit of scrambled eggs I made for Squish and 1/2 piece of toast with strawberry jam.

And water good grief water..

Have to put together a bookshelf today and get books on it, more scrubbing off darn wallpaper paste in the bathroom above the shower is the absolute worst, laundry, Taco Tuesday is happening, painting.. is it terrible that I love to paint and tape a house?  absolutely love working on our home.

M did the dishes for me yesterday as the girls delivered cookies to our new neighbors L did pictures for them too.

It was sweet because L kept persisting why we haven’t blessed our new neighbors yet.

The girls were excited to do it.

Once I get the kitchen and bathroom done it will be time to start having dinner guests over.

Probably start with our pastor’s family and branch out.

I’m feeling fat, recently reading a blog Losing My Fat Lovingly because I so want to do this. I completely agree.. because just because I feel fat doesn’t me I don’t love my pooch belly, my amazingly full breasts, and plump cheeks.

I am beautiful 🙂 Plus size and all

I don’t want to look back if I ever do really decide to make lifestyle changes to make me stronger and say eww.. look at me back then..

Because even now I look back and while I believe that girl to be a fool to married M. I love her and I want to love her so much more.

I told M last night why did he choose me to marry out of all the girls he used in the past, guess none were strong to stay, or brought him happy aspects like me.

I mean he could’ve left with KB or just left completely..

Am I the fool he chose? Ewww..

And M replies with “You are only the fool if you choose to be”

And I was all WTF??

And fell asleep..

Days are busy..

Crap just remembered I need to sew boy’s patches on his uniform.. let’s get that done 🙂

Here’s to the day..

I so want to get some exercise in today..



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