Not so pretty thoughts…

But I was reading a blog and she has frequented sex clubs..

And I have to say they sound like fun.

M has already had his fair share of mediocre love making Not that sex club sex is mediocre but doing it with a lying loser like KB was could not be fulfilling. A woman who lies just to lie.. I can only imagine how sex would be with her and she’s so self-conscious.. If a woman cannot respect herself enough to not be treated like a common prostitute. Unless that is what she was going for then KB super nailed it..

But I know better.. that’s just not how I want to spend my time. However the idea seems enticing.. and FUN.. like seriously..but pretty sure even in a sex club there will be cheaters who will pretend they are not married.. EWWW…

Anyways its good to know that I don’t think there are any sex clubs in my small part of AK.. not that I checked I just guessed.

And I know some swingers and it was a rough run for them.

But they are staying married and monogamous as far as I know.

She was a woman I talked to when my life was unraveling..

I don’t like to share so I suppose I should keep to my own standards??

But the thought entices me..

Anyways I have other things on my mind.. making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for neighbors and feeling light for right now.

M still sticks to his story how much he loves me and continues to love me and reading a few other men’s blogs. it seems possible to still be incredibly in love with your wife and have side chicks that mean nothing to you, or a little something, but not enough to go after her after this all went down.

Not even a care to call.. unless he’s lying.. but he used her and she used him..

And when they got caught that was the end of that. Then they had to face the music within their lying facades and see how truly twisted and sick they both are.

Sometimes I think why this?? Why a cheater.. why not a drug addict, gang member, or some other thing.. but all of those are just as bad to me..

M is acting so happy to be here with me.

Calling me pretty even if I look like I just got out of prison..

My MIL suggested I look sexy for Charles everyday.. and I was like what the fuck for??

Fuck him if he doesn’t want to be around me because of how I look..


6 thoughts on “Not so pretty thoughts…

  1. Sharing/ swinging whatever you want to call it, works great for some– helps clear the mind and make the one cheated on feel “better”. It is misunderstood. Many who dabble in it do so after an affair. It helps some, destroys others. A reflection of the relationship, not a cause but an effect. Or so I have heard 😉

    • Yeah I haven’t seen one BS or talked to any BS that having sex with someone else alleviated problems. Just caused new ones. It’s just like having an affair the implications of wrong choices are unknown.. You can’t possibly know every angle 🙂

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