I wonder if the monster will eat him

Sometimes I wonder if M really came to terms with himself if the monster he tried to bury will eat him alive.

I am his scapegoat saying in his head. she didn’t love me, she’s like this so I am afraid, so I will retreat, NH is mean or whatever he does to just shut down and put walls up

And hide because that’s where he’s safe in his own little self-pity prison 

It’s quite sad the people who lie not only to others but to themselves. They are the worst because they don’t see because their minds won’t let them anymore. If they were to comes to terms of what a crap person they are they would crash and be even more depressed than they already are.

But that’s the beauty of this whole thing. M still thinks he wasn’t all that bad. Good grief man!! 

He feels he’s on eggshells with me sad man he really is on eggshells with himself but he can’t see that either..


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