I love this place the warmth and glow of it all..

Seriously I get that betrayed spouse blogs can be a bit heavy.

I know mine can be.. It’s like how much can one read about a wife who hates her husband??

Well I read 2 blogs in my reader that just makes me smile and know this place rocks.. Where people who are hurting can come and support one another.. and show love through their words.. their compassion and truth never ceases to amaze me..

Bugs Shallow post the comments make me almost cry LOVE ya Bugs!!


and CrazyKat’s Nominations and her Award


Also to the people who comment, like, and encourage me in this place. Thank you

Thank you so much..

❤ NH


6 thoughts on “I love this place the warmth and glow of it all..

  1. Thanks NH! I wouldn’t know what to do without this place….one of the reasons why I stopped going to forums is because they were not helpful and too angering for me.

  2. Amen! My counselor asked the other day who I go to when I’m having a tough day and I said, bloggers! Whether it’s writing on my own or reading other blogs, I always find some sort of comfort or peace in this community.

  3. Thanks for the shoutout, NH. I love this “blogger family.” My therapist actually cringes a bit when I talk about my blogging as she has heard some horror stories and she knows I am bluntly honest, so she probably worries about making myself too vulnerable. Personally, I mostly receive great comfort from the community and knowing I am not alone. When I read words that literally could have come out of my own head, I know people get me, and I get them, and it’s a good feeling. Also NH. I find your blog to be one of the more uplifting as it is more stream of consciousness with all kinds of feelings thrown in. Sometimes I have to smile when reading your posts as you put yourself out there in the most genuine way and again, I feel like you could totally do a blog in the theme of ‘Waitress’ and write the way you do and attach a recipe to go along with the mood. Anyway, blah, blah, blah. I talk a lot, but do know… if you stop writing, I will worry about you. I lost track of a blogger recently (or I just recently noticed she disappeared off WP) and it made me really sad. I worry about her. I can’t remember her user name but her blog was ‘iamfightingback.’ She is in the UK. I miss her. Keep doing what you do! We love you! ❤

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