Don’t tell people your dreams show them..

Thought that was pretty good advice..

Anyways sandman is calling..

Hopefully get to write more tomorrow.

Lately it’s hard reading about my close friends marriages because yes I don’t know what is behind closed doors but I know I won’t profess my love for M to the masses.. probably not ever because I don’t feel that way about him.

Still think he’s insanely handsome 🙂 but that’s just so small compared to what I thought of him or how I felt about him..

I think the throat punch for me in reading about my pal’s marriages is I remember what that felt like. To love your spouse.. ahh.. to look at them and just be in awe that God blessed me with this person..

Gee I must be LOVED.. hands down by the man above..

And don’t get me wrong.. I know I’m loved by God..

I even am learning to love myself and take care of myself.

But I don’t feel that way when I look at him. In fact I’ve been wanting to talk with him about his things so if he dies before I do what shall I do with his stuff. Probably pack bigger music equipment for the kids but all the piddly stuff just send to his friends like guitar pedals.

Clothes keep for the boy I guess..

Because in NH version I would just get rid of all that music room stuff and put a child in that bedroom or turn it into a beautiful guest bedroom..

I know I’m strange probably shouldn’t be planning this stuff out but it has been on my mind..



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