Now I know why

Some women just didn’t miss their husbands.

Just don’t have that connection.

You can see it.

You wonder why isn’t she sitting with him? Doesn’t she want to be with her mate? Why she doesn’t just oodle over her guy.

I loved Charles. He used to be the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with

Now he’s leaving for a few days and I’m like AWESOME!!

I don’t need to sit next to him at church or go to his practices for worship team.

I don’t think about what he’s eating or if he ate, or what he wants for all 3 meals + snacks a day..

My brain is free to pursue other things..

Beach jewelry, vlogging, getting a job, painting, fixing this house up, because we are going to have to sell it at least within 5-10 years I think.

Wow.. I will be almost 50 by then.. good grief guys I’m nearly to 1/2 a decade in my future dreams..

Doing laundry and packing.. reading for the family trip to L.A. and Oregon.

Needing to hash out mostly everything because I plan on spending as much time with the people I LOVE with all my heart when I think of them the mere thought of them makes me thankful God put them in my life..

See this is how I know M and I are not going to make it..

Because I don’t think of M at all and when I do?

Not the same feeling at all..

It’s just like whatever there’s another guy on the planet.

Going to do more laundry and finish up projects around the house…

I don’t want to be rushing out the door and leave the house all jacked up

Till Next Time



2 thoughts on “Now I know why

  1. Oh my – I know that feeling.

    Is it reasonable for you guys to separate for a bit? Get to a space where you can both feel safe and maybe be open to reconnecting that way?

    • Not right now does going to Disneyland count LOL!! good grief.. life with kids and extended family.. you know it’s almost laughable how our kids and our family have kept us together 🙂
      I am going to get a job after vacation so there’s that.. going to family reunion and then my mother’s wedding… with 4 kiddos flying to LA and Oregon just seems better together.. See? Suppose this blog has worked I don’t hate him I mean people who hate each other surely don’t book hours of flight time together right? 😉

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