When Squish takes a nap..

I want to relax.

The laundry, the planning, the meal making..

And Emily and Bell are content playing Littlest Pet Shop on their own..

So what do I do? Eat.. I look for something anything..

I’ve got to find something else to relax myself besides eating 2nd rate things during naptime.

Can’t make it too cozy or I will fall asleep.

Not sure what to do but I ate the lemons bites like 5 or 6 of them and they were so mediocre and not good for me.

Plus side my nails are still growing and I do I do want to bite them, but being in that state of mind I say

Dear self? What is wrong and maybe we just need to get up and do something else. works everytime..

Think I might practice some Spanish and then figure out what we are doing for dinner.

I don’t miss son all that much today while I was cleaning his room and touching his things.. I think I will do that some more tomorrow. Just a little bit at a time I just packed him for our vacation and straightening up.

Something has been bothering me and I’m not sure why

But I look for him to initiate contact Charles mostly every morning I look..

Isn’t that odd. why would I do that?

I wonder if it’s just like mediocre lemon bites out of habit or self-sabotaging because I want something and just doing something non-productive..

Till Next time

❤ NH


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