At the Aunt’s

being here same smells same layout things are different but so the same it sure is Hot here didn’t look hot on the weather channel.

The airlines lost our car seat might be a blessing in disguise that car seat every once In a while I think of Kendra she’s the one that introduced me to that one so who knows I like the car seat but time will tell

We were supposed to arrive here at 7:30pm we got to the airport at 10:30 and didn’t get settled and kids to bed until 1am through all of that M and I are still talking and he is super loving and doting..

But in some ways so am I.

It’s hot here time to buy some clothes and new flip flops

Disneyland tomorrow so excited!!!

But excited just for the day I think, being here with my family is so nice.

I really love them and have missed them 


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