Disneyland, Family Reunion Ending, and now Oregon

A few things about Disneyland

1. For the happiest place on Earth the customer populous is pretty smug and sad looking and I’m talking about dispositions.

2. I’m so amazing and polite I got free donuts, drinks, and a magical moment.

I need to send a thank you note. I will do that after this thanks for helping me remember.

A magical moment is where we get to go to the front of the line!! Yes πŸ™‚

3. Bell and I got stuck on Alice and Wonderland thank GOD seriously.. we got stuck on it after the caves.. She got a fast Pass a front of the line ticket. We were at the top of the ride

Alice and Wonderland ride was creepy but I’m a pansy

So Disneyland was FUN.. but they should have a huge memo that for people who’s only exercise is walking from their couch to the fridge your feet will be KILLING you afterwards LOL!!.

Next time we go which there will be a next time we are doing the whole Disney hotel thing and Adventure Park..

LOVE LOVED LOVE California πŸ™‚

Family Reunion was a blast next family reunion will be in American Samoa.. and yeah I’ve been telling you all I need a job. So Safeway application will be in the day before I leave Oregon πŸ™‚

The kids had a good time, cousins, food, photo booth, shaved ice, taco bar was amazing!!

My cousins through a wonderful reunion.. cannot wait for American Samoa 2017!!

Say What πŸ™‚

The kids didn’t cry leaving their cousins knowing they would see them in a 24 months..

How much money is it to Samoa you ask? Yeah like 20,000 whoa.. can that happen in 24 months?? I don’t know but I’m going to find out.. Working evenings and making jewelry to sell to tourists, plus getting vlogging in??? We shall see.

If M and I do make our goal.. Hell sky’s the limit if we can save that much money and go.. Hopefully I can save more and help Β another family out who is like us 4 small kids to Samoa..

Anyways Oregon is cool M and I are working to help get my Mom and future step Dad’s wedding on the go.

Yeah speaking of M and I.. good grief I was freaking out today because I woke up and really didn’t think he was that bad..


What the hell am I doing..

Let’s go over the list..

Get over the affair and use it to further my life.. well I’d say that’s a lifetime work in progress..

Children amazing and learning life lessons CHECK.

Parents learning about children and bonding as a family CHECK

Faith praying for others, and remembering the sun doesn’t revolve around NH?? work in progress πŸ™‚

Forgiving M and not seeing him as a weak ass douche bag?? 1/2 CHECK maybe?

It’s strange the roller coasters are starting to slow down but just like the raging PHOENIX I have found those roller coasters if I calm the fuck down enough show me more about myself than about the spouse who couldn’t be faithful..

They do.. and I learn to appreciate them more..

But that also means makes M cautious and makes him communicate more..

Because I’m in my head more than I’ve ever been..

It was hard at first learning that skill and enjoying all the CRAZY in my head..

Maneuvering the paths to what I mean and what I’m saying.. to what I want..


But their all ME.. at least facets of ME and let’s be real I haven’t always been my biggest fan..

And I want to be..

I see that with my mother, and with M that I’m looking for validation..

The little girl who needs validation still wants that and I see her and at first I tell that girl

WTF?? Stop looking for anyone’s praise!! What is wrong with you!! GOSH!!

Then I forget that’s what I’ve always done and not given myself compassion and that wanting validation is a common thing and that we find it in the GOD who loves and cares more about me than anyone on Earth..

And instead of smacking and berating that little girl I find myself giving her a mental hug and reminding her gently and moving on..

I know probably reads pretty mental, like I need some multiple personality medication but I assure you all I”m alright.

M, I and the kids are alright.

And you know what guys alright is better than daydreaming about punching Kendra in the face, or serving M divorce papers after a few years of what he hopes to be reconciliation.

I’m doing alright..

Sometimes I forget to remember to access where I’ve been and how far I’ve come..

Til next time..

❀ NH


7 thoughts on “Disneyland, Family Reunion Ending, and now Oregon

  1. “And you know what guys alright is better than daydreaming about punching Kendra in the face, or serving M divorce papers after a few years of what he hopes to be reconciliation.”


  2. No, you don’t sound mental. I have read quite a lot of your blog entries now and think you have come a long way! I understand that need for validation. And you are right that the only place to get that is from God. I am just learning that myself.

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