Depressed or Lazy doesn’t really matter..

I think I’m depressed all I want to do is eat under my covers. Since yesterday morning

I cannot do them both at the same time.

But whenever I am eating or sleeping I feel the most at peace.

I think I’m just tired, groggy, sluggish..

Bleh.. I hate that.

I took the girls to VBS yesterday and that was fun, I think even with all this growth and individuality.

I miss my friends, I miss my family..

My Dad isn’t really funny, or a joy.. he’s more of a burden lately.. It’s terrible to say that but when I’m trying to keep my head above water sometimes dealing with his pills, his bills, his dilemnas

I’m not taking joy in my trials..

I’m sleepy and grumpy.

Like some kind of hibernating monster..

I’m going to drink some water, start some laundry, and tackle the girls room.

Tomorrow all the offices open for the school’s here so there’s that. I’m going to miss these kids terribly when they are gone, but I think it will be a good thing for all of us.

To explore and find new adventures and for me.

I skipped out of Duolingo because my laptop tanked and the microphone camera thing Charles gave me was the one he used to talk with Kendra with..

Ewww.. they are so gross..

I wanted to throw the camera, but I know I’m being ridiculous and will hook it up because it’s a camera/mic it has no emotions or cheater cooties on it.

That’s all in my head plus the ever looming budget… (insert psycho music)

Charles sent me an e-card because I just am feeling so icky, so unaccomplished so much to do but I want to do none of it..

That was nice.

I kind of get that way after the Mother Nature curse bit.

So here’s to me letting my children play Khan Academy, preschool apps, and organizing a few rooms in the house..

Chickens are cooked and in the fridge think I might just bake bread and have chicken, salad, and bread..

or not..

I am trying not to hate today..

So I’m going to pray, be thankful, and survive the day…

Till Next time.

❤ NH


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