The clouds and beach’n’ it


There’s Squish getting so big

We went to the beach after dinner and it was nice

Just marveling at The beauty of God’s creation

I am still lethargic

He gave me answers and the conversation went fine because after what he says I usually want to leave him when he is being honest about his affair

But today it was just a conversation and it doesn’t bring me any closer or farther away I have no idea what it does right now 

I do miss being in love knowing I had a crappy partner but I thought we would make it through you know?

That time some classes and Charles would get his act together but it kind of seems like that’s the case but kind of doesn’t.

I am not sure how long to be sad but I have got to get it together and start learning Spanish again. Work out, and get my jewelry made…

I will try to do 1 out of 3 that’s a reasonable goal😊

Till next time 




4 thoughts on “The clouds and beach’n’ it

  1. Look at your big baby! Time flies, huh? I miss being in love, too. I was for so, so long. So in love. So consumed by my love. It’s left an enormous chasm I can’t seem to fill, no matter what I pack into my life. Bah – feeling stressed. Lotsa assessments all stacked up. Nearly there….

    • You got this Paula I love reading about your accomplishments and how understanding you are because I agree fully no matter what it’s still there like some missing link. I am going to try and look up Bible studies about loving Christ and how to feel Gods love maybe that will help me.
      Right now I am reading the PeaceMaker by Kevin Sande it’s helping a little bit it took sometime to warm up to it. Even without Gods word it’s still a good book I would think

  2. I understand how all of the thoughts are very consuming. The thinking of the affair, what your relationship was like before and then wondering what the future has in store for you and your kids. All of the thoughts drain you and zap your energy so that everything seems difficult to do. I just want you to know you are not alone and you don’t have to beat yourself up for not getting things done that you feel you should be getting done. Big tasks like losing weight and the other big goals you have–jewelry making, etc. are even more difficult. Maybe in September if you can just find one thing you enjoy and focus on that you will get your joy of life back.

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