Who I was and who I am now

its a big thing with me also the depression I think had a lot to do with my lack of praying and talking to my friends

Over this past week

I relapsed with porn

I became super disgruntled

I haven’t prayed for anyone or even myself

And my house and my kids took a huge back seat

To my sadness

But the sun is shining and Charles solved a Huge problem for me because the boy’s  middle school wanted official transcripts from our homeschool like an agency

And well I got nothing I am not big on grades

Anyways Charles solved my problem with ease

Using a pass fail grading system

And if I need transcripts for the boy I know what to do now

Here’s to the day

I have contacted friends my house is looking a lot better And I am ready to pray

And be thankful and have fun feels like I haven’t done that in awhile



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