A job 

applying for another job tomorrow I applied for it before but it was part time and didn’t hear back.

I am going to email the guy tomorrow about the job

It is full-time and working with youth. I seem to find my way making a light shine not for my own kids.

I pray I get this job it’s at night and my live in Dad can oversee things 

And it’s like a street down from my house

I can walk YES!

Anyways I pray I get this job Charles thinks I won’t because it isn’t what God wants the job will only pull us farther apart.

As if we could get any further.

I shouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket so I plan on doing the vlog thing soon.

With all the sweet souls who’s spirits are crushed from the Ashley Madison site I think now is the best time and it’s a critical time to do it since my life is changing radically only having one child at home.

The kids will be all in school full time next week they stagger Kindergarten here

Also need to order the resin and resin molds to make the beach jewelry so there’s that the whole Trep thing but also trying for a jobby job.

I can’t help but still feel so unsettled with Charles.

He isn’t working hard enough if he wants his wife back that is for sure

But I am also smart enough to know that whatever he does may never be good enough for me ever again.

However when you fuck up as big as he did there best be some gigantic changes for this relationship on his part and really guys I now have the proof that I can say that without the backlash of I am a scorned wife he hasn’t done much in my eyes.

I have seen his working on a relationship before and it looks the same.

Whether it be bible studies, counseling or retreats.

But maybe he could say the same for me.

That I’m not trying hard enough and oh how problematic that statement would be.

I do wish him well guys.

Many saw it coming but right now I don’t need to divorce him but I need to separate my life from him.

I have a few ideas.

They might work and might not.

Pray I get this job guys

I pray I get the job

Just to think of my own health insurance makes me smile.

To have my own..

Best thing to see today is Squish praying and thanking God.

To love on our boy and have him lean on me in church 

Teaching Sunday school class

Listening to our girls sing in Spanish 

Many good things happening in my life

I hope I continue to keep looking for them



4 thoughts on “A job 

  1. Prayerfully, you will get this job. The great thing about being spiritual is that if you don’t get it you know that isn’t the one God has in mind for you. Regardless of what Charles thinks. God will make it clear. Good luck.

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