I turned him down..

We took boy to his 7th grade orientation is he really that old??

Good Grief.

The girls went to our Pastor’s house did I mention I adore them!

So nothing really got done last night.

Charles and I watched a movie and we touched ALOT at the orientation which was strange. Some parents ask the dumbest questions.. but whatever..

Gave some insight to the crowd of who my son will be amongst

Anyways we both were super horny… well it’s strange Charles and I are just wired that way difference is I’m not attached to people I have sex with.. he is..

BIG DISCONNECT.. because he thinks we are getting better.. while I’m like we fucked.. yeah doesn’t mean I want to grow old with you..

Soo… I turned him down he asked if I want to sleep in our big comfy bed and I said.. No.. I’m sorry I have to stick to this. I’m on the couch.

He said so you want to stick to the wrong things not the right things. I said no I would love to sleep with you but it’s not the best decision.. At least I don’t think so

guys.. I mean I want to.. only a few things can compare to a good romp.. but it’s not healthy

And I want my own space to clear my head from him.

that makes me more happy than celibacy..

He’s nervous about me moving all of my things into another room. I see his face when we discussed it yesterday.. Because I’m talking all.. clothes, books, my things..

Strange it’s still in the same house and I told him tell me a time and I’ll be there.

Still no scheduled bible study times, no nothing.. He did mention some getaway and I have to say if a marriage is in trouble a fucking money sucker retreat is not going to help even Christian ones are super pricey..

To me I doubt they would be worth the money.. even BAN is cray cray.. why does helping people who are hurting have to cost so much money.. I mean seriously.. it’s crazy I think.. because are we the most well-to-do? Nope.. can we afford trips yes, but would we be in a better off position not taking them.. depends on what we want in life..

I thought I would have a marriage that enjoyed the simple things we didn’t have to go all over the place to find love or reconnect.. but I’m wrong I’m married to a douche-bag in the relationship department. A man who only has an idea of what he wants in a relationship but has never put any real effort into loving me, or even Kendra for that matter.

Ugh the lack of relationship skills disgusts me with adults. No to be honest it just disgusts me with those two.. Charles and Kendra.. they are what I try and teach my children against. Ungrateful, selfish little brats

Well anyways

here’s to moving a boat load of stuff.. I think it will be easier when the kids are in school..

I look forward to having my own bed and my own bedding

Is that silly? I think a bit.. but the little things.. I guess.



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