Can he just be gone like for a LONG time???

He comes home tomorrow my girls are crying for him on FaceTime

And their mother doesn’t miss him at all.

Nope it’s nice having him gone.

I had a cray day today a busy exhausting day..

And I handled it well I think handling 4 kids and an elderly father and making it all work

I got some down time driving alone in the car and was happy.

Happy it has been beautiful here and

The kids and I have enjoyed ourselves.

Is it strange to wonder what to do with my happiness?

I don’t have to choose forgiveness or anything when I don’t have to see him on a daily basis.

I just focus on me and the kids.

And I wonder so how can I make this happen more?

Or can I feel this way with him being around?

Can I truly be happy and still be married to him even if I don’t want to be?

He told me recently he’s always been a weak person and that makes me sad I always thought him to be strong.

It’s hard knowing who I really married rather than who I thought I did.

Time to work on the house not for him but so my life runs smoother for us all


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