Counseling session tomorrow and going to lunch with my girls..

I’m feeling kind of lazy tons to do but I’m kind of ignoring Squish and well just lacking in the fun department..

So I’m going to go to lunch with my girls..

I hope I didn’t miss it yet..

They have a playground underneath their building so when it rains which it often does here they can still play and have a great time..

I want to see them smile..

I’m dreading counseling a bit tomorrow because of the cost.. and that I don’t want to be in therapy forever.

I want to clear up some things in my mind. So I can move on.

I want to have someone help me with my thoughts and be clear on what I want, or how I would like my future to go.

And I think that’s where I’m hoping the counselor comes in..

I’m just dreading it because I want to be focused clear and sometimes okay most times I’m not that at all.

Which isn’t such a bad thing.. that’s me Cray cray NH just learning to move on.. smile and figure out life for me, help me see to gain clarity on what the will of God is for my life.

Not for my kids, not for fear, not for failure, not for marriage..

Well.. off I go..

Happy Friday everyone

Till Next time

❤ NH


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