I see FB posts about share if your spouse is your best friend and you will grow old them them


Back in the day this stuff would take me for a spin..

But now just makes me think about what I want.

What is NH dreaming about in a partner. Does she want one at all?

Lately I’ve been killing it with the kids.. I mean yeah I still get all cray on their behinds but for the most part. I don’t dread being with them like I used to. They are work all four of them, but I feel that the more I slow down. The more I’m able to parent well and feel happy to paint my house.

The more I paint my house, the more I do less.

The more I find myself allowing myself to dream and allowing myself to work. Not like work outside the home but just do work like paint the girls room, start dealing with cleaning up the kitchen wallpaper glue and making plans to paint there. Thinking about starting a new blog, doing Youtube videos with the girls, just play and have fun, just fun thinking not stressed out thinking..

Anyways learning to slow down and do less is not as easy as it sounds.

Also I am painting popcorn ceiling and it isnt’ working out too bad..

I miss my Kansas friends so much, but I don’t miss the discontentment I built there over the years. I don’t miss the person who was unhappy alot of her life, with kids, career, and thought her marriage was full of love and devotion.

Bitter party of one? Bitter party of one?? LOL!!

Turns out I had everything down somewhat well except the marriage part.

Best 2/3 isn’t bad odds LOL!

Going to catch some Z’s..

till next time

❤ NH


2 thoughts on “Dreaming..

  1. I quit Facebook shortly after the majority of the truth had come out about the affairs. I realized pretty quickly that I had no interest in having other people’s alleged happiness and perfection shoved down my throat daily. Granted, typically people tend to display the “best” version of their lives on social media so I definitely have to throw a side-eye at those who would like us to believe their marriage is perfect, their husband is perfect blah blah blah.

    • I know these folks and their marriages are far from perfect, but they are trying daily through their own struggles but maybe they have backstabbers for husbands and maybe I’m jaded still but I still want to believe their are faithful loving marriages out there. Is that silly? And I remember when I felt like I “married up” that I’m so thankful for Charles and well I’m not really.. I think I could have done better in the husband dept. but anyways.. still keeping FB and still believing LOL!! ❤ ya WR

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