It hasn’t been working well between us..

that is all

Til Next Time

❤ NH


7 thoughts on “Talking..

  1. NH, we have all felt just like you are feeling now, he’ll it’s been 3 years for me & I still feel at times that I don’t want to be here. But therein lies the problem, what our husbands did to us can’t be undone, we won’t ever forget it & we feel powerless because there’s nothing we can do. That’s why the only thing I have been able to do after 3 years is just to accept that it happened & try to enjoy a happy moment when I have one, I don’t have a happy life like before the affair, but I do have happy moments. You are still early on in this shitty journey, emotions all over the place. But remember even if we leave, the affair will still be there, so if you get any comfort from your husband, work with that. I wish I could do more, you seem like a wonderful person & a good friend. Hang on, try to keep hope alive, time doesn’t erase, but it helps in easing the pain. Hugs from Joan

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